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Pioneer Village
Visit the Wild, Wild West

Take a stroll along rustic wooden sidewalks, get your picture taken in Old West apparel or cool off with a double scoop of ice cream from the Pioneer Village Ice Cream Parlor. Memories of the Old West abound at Lagoon each summer as pioneer artifacts transport Lagoon guests 100 years back in time.

Guns, Slingshots, Crossbows and Cannons

Pioneer Village is the reconstruction of a typical frontier community as it might have existed in the late 1800s. This community consists of 42 authentic 19th century stores, buildings, and artifacts with which they might have been furnished. Pioneer Village features one of the finest collections of small arms in the country, including guns, slingshots, crossbows and cannons. The Carriage Hall features almost every type of wheeled conveyance used at the turn of the century.

Utah’s History

A Rock Chapel stands at the head of Pioneer Village. Originally constructed in Coalville, Utah, in 1853, the building was first used as a fort. It later served as a courthouse, a schoolhouse and a church.

Pioneer Village Treasures

Other treasures in Pioneer Village include a one-room schoolhouse, two-story sawed log house, smokehouse, millinery shop, clock shop, tool museum, hardware store, cobbler shop, co-op, print shop, music hall, gingerbread house, doll museum and town hall.