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The Rocket is made of three independent structural steel towers, 217 feet tall. Two of the three towers have tracks with two very different thrill rides:

Rocket Blast Off

This ride accelerates guests from ground level to 200 feet straight up in less than three seconds, with the initial powered blast creating a force of 4.5 Gs on the rider. Upon reaching the top position, guests are blasted downward with 2-G force, and gradually slowed by increasing pressure as they enjoy several air-cushioned bounces up and down the tower.

Rocket Re-entry

Similar to “Blast Off,” this ride works in the opposite direction. Guests are slowly raised to the top of the 200-foot tower in approximately 20–25 seconds and then blasted downward. As they near the bottom of the tower, they enjoy several air-cushioned bounces.

4.5 G-Force
12 Riders / Ride
217 ft Ride Height
1999 Year Built