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School Days
Field Trips Full of Fun

Visit Lagoon on a School Day, where work and play come together. Whether you are visiting for D.A.R.E., Physics Day, or just a regular School Day, Lagoon offers a park full of fun at a discounted rate for students and faculty in K – 12 Schools. Schedule a School Day at Lagoon now, and let your kids enjoy all the excitement we have to offer!

2021 School Days

Registration for 2021 School Days is closed. 

Student ticket rates are available March 20 – June 4, 2021. On designated School Days (listed below) the Park will be open from 9:30am – 4pm.  Student tickets will cost $34.50 + tax, per ticket, or $37 with tax.

May 21
May 25
May 26
May 27
June 3

Schools are also welcome visit any operational day BEFORE June 4, 2021. See calendar for dates and times. Discount available only for K – 12.

Please note- KiddieLand is CLOSED on School Days.

Masks and Safety

Face masks will be welcomed and recommended wherever social distancing is not possible. We have received many calls and questions after Governor Cox’s announcement last week regarding masks in schools. After discussing the State’s new policy with our partners and contacts at districts and schools throughout the state, Lagoon has decided to not enforce a mask mandate on the Park during Lagoon School Days. Click here for more details.

Physics Day

Unfortunately, Lagoon will not be hosting Physics Day in 2021. However, we do plan on continuing our partnership with USU in the future. Visit USU’s website for details.

For over 25 years, Lagoon has been the proud host of Physics Day, in cooperation with Utah State University. Students can build their own coaster, drop an egg from over 50 feet high, and conduct other exciting experiments on the park. See Utah State University’s page for more details on Lagoon’s Physic’s Day.