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Group Discounts
Group Single Day Passport Programs

Save BIG on each ticket by using Lagoon’s Pre-Sold Ticket Program. Best price for all guests. Purchase a minimum of twenty-five (25) tickets and buy them at a substantial discount. (Some restrictions apply. See Restrictions and Rules below.) These tickets are valid any regular operating day of the current season with no date restrictions.

2023 Group Good Any Day Tickets – $TBD

Lagoon Group Single Day Passports are a Pre-Sold ticket, valid any regularly scheduled operation day of the year indicated on the ticket. These passports are great as employee incentives or gifts as well as for family, youth, church, or school groups. These passports are transferable from one person to another prior to redemption. Each passport includes park admission, rides, Lagoon A Beach, Pioneer Village, and scheduled entertainment.

Here’s how the program works:

  • Contact your Lagoon Sales Representative or our Group Sales Office at (801) 451-8060.
  • Provide general company or group information.
  • Corporate Groups: complete a Terms of Payment Agreement. Once Lagoon receives your completed Terms of Payment Agreement, your ticket order will be made valid.
  • Payment must be made before the tickets are issued to your group.
  • Payment is due within 30 days of date of invoice.
  • Specify the number of tickets you wish to purchase with a minimum of twenty five (25) tickets required.
  • Specify the number of posters you would like to advertise ticket sales. Customized posters are 11″×17″ and are free of charge.
  • Tickets will be sent with an invoice for payment.
  • Tickets may be re-ordered as often as needed.

Restrictions and Rules:

  • Lagoon’s pre-sold single day passport tickets are for distribution or resale to your organization’s members, direct clientele and/or employees only. Resale of these tickets to the general public will result in cancellation of all tickets issued.
  • Payments are to be made upon order. (Corporation are eligible for a 30 day payment program. Ask your Lagoon sales representative for details.)
  • Lagoon is not responsible for lost, stolen or mishandled tickets once received by your organization.
  • Any change in resale price from suggested resale price, requires prior approval from Lagoon.