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Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve come to the right place to find answers to the most commonly-asked questions about Lagoon. Have a question that you don’t see below? Send us an email and we’ll get back to you.

What is Lagoon's COVID-19 Policy?

Please refer to this link for updated information.

What is the Lagoon toddler policy?

A child younger than 24 months of age may enter the Park and Lagoon A Beach at no charge. To participate on rides and special events a Youth Single Day Passport, Season Passport, or Individual Ride Tickets are required. Individual ride tickets are sold 2 for $1.00, rides vary between 4 to 10 tickets per ride.

Are you doing Bounceback this year?

Bounceback has been discontinued this year. Please see Lagoon's Deals and Packages page for current discounts.

Can I buy Single Day Tickets through a Third Party Reseller (e.g. via Craigslist, Offer-Up, KSL, Classifieds, etc.)?

We strongly recommend that you purchase tickets directly through Lagoon's website or our authorized ticketing partners to ensure ticket validity and authenticity.

We are unable to verify or guarantee the validity or authenticity of tickets not purchased directly through an authorized sales channel. In the event that invalid, duplicate or counterfeit tickets are presented for park admission, entry will be denied without compensation. Please note that invalid, duplicate or counterfeit tickets may be confiscated.

Are Credit Cards Accepted at the Food Stands/Restaurants?

Credit Cards are now accepted at all food locations on the Park.

How Much Do the Pay Phones Cost?

$.50 – $1.00 depending on the location you are calling.

What Can I Do if I Can’t Print My Tickets at Home?

You may present a PDF of your tickets on your mobile device to any gate to gain entry. If it’s a season pass, you can show your Season Passport QR code on your smartphone once you have logged onto MyFun Portal.

Am I Allowed to Bring Coolers and/or Outside Food and Drink into Lagoon?

Yes, we do allow guests to bring outside food and drink. However, for safety reasons we ask that you do not bring any glass bottles or containers. Coolers, glass and alcohol are not allowed into Lagoon A Beach for the 2021 Season.

Am I Allowed to Bring BBQ Grills into Lagoon or Do You Have Any Available?

Unfortunately, no. Bringing a grill into Lagoon is not allowed and there are not any grills available.

Am I Allowed to Bring Alcohol Into Lagoon?

Yes, we do allow guests to bring alcohol. However, it is not allowed inside Lagoon A Beach, into the Lagoon Biergarten & Restaurant and it cannot be left in a cooler unattended. Alcohol is sold at the Biergarten located south of the Roller Coaster.

How Big Are Your Lockers?

$10.00 2 X 5, 12”W X 20”D X 14.7”H
$15.00 2 X 4, 15”W X 18”D X 18”H
$20.00 2 X 3, 18”W X 27.2”D X 24.5”H

How Much Do Tubes Rentals at Lagoon A Beach Cost and Do I Get Any Money Back?

Tube rental is $5.00, or $2.00 for Season Passport holders if they present Season Passport Holder identification.

Do You Sell Swim Diapers & Covers?

Yes, they are sold in Ruby's Tubes which is inside the entrance to Lagoon A Beach. It is $1.00 for the diaper & $1.00 for the reusable cover.

Am I Allowed to Bring My Own Tube Into Lagoon A Beach?

Yes, you are allowed to use your own tube in Mooches Main Stream (the Lazy River). They are not allowed in the pool or on any of the slides.

Is the Season Parking Pass for Preferred Parking?

The season parking pass is for regular parking only. You are welcome to check with the Auto Gate Attendant to see if Preferred Parking is available for the day. If so, you will be able to upgrade for $10.00.

Due to the limited number of spots in Preferred Parking, we do not sell a Season Preferred Parking Pass.

Do Farmington Residents Get Free Parking?

No, Farmington residents do not receive free parking. They are required to pay the regular parking fee of $15.00.

Do Farmington Residents Get Free Entrance (Walk-Around Pass)?

No, Farmington residents do not receive free entrance. Lagoon doesn’t sell any entrance-only passes.

Do Farmington Residents Get Discounts on Season Passports?

No, Farmington residents do not receive a discount on Season Passports. They are required to pay the current price.

If I Don’t Have My physical Season Pass ID card (for Whatever Reason) Can I Still Get In Today?

If you have activated your Season Passport on your MyFun portal, your Lagoon Season Passport is available digitally on your smart phone.

For those with physical Season Passport ID cards only- Lagoon offers a one time courtesy look up which allows a guest to enter the Park without them having their pass. You must go to the Will Call Window located north of the Guest Services office to have this done.

If you come to the park a second time without your pass, it cannot be looked up and must be replaced for a fee of $15.00.

Can I Refill a Lagoon Mug from a Previous Year?

Yes, it is $2.99 plus tax to have it refilled.

My Spouse Has Our Season Parking Pass in Another Vehicle. Is There a Way I Can Come In Today Without Paying for Parking?

You would be required to pay the $15.00 parking fee today. However, Guest Services can refund that $15.00 if you present both the dashboard receipt from today and your Season Parking Pass Hang Tag. This can be done the same day or on a future visit, but both are required to receive a refund. Photo Copies of the dashboard receipt and/or Season Parking Pass Hang Tag are NOT accepted.

If I Just Want to Come in to Buy Season Passports (or Drop-Off/Pick-Up Kids), Do I Have to Pay for Parking?

Guests are required to pay the regular parking fee to access the parking lot.

Guests who do not want to pay for parking can use the Drop-Off Area located south of the electronic billboard.

15-minute parking is available (at the Drop-Off Area) if the guest would like to go up front to pay for tickets.

Is Smoking Allowed?

Smoking is permitted at designated “Sit & Smoke Stations”. There are 8 locations throughout the Park, one of which is inside Lagoon A Beach.

Are Dogs Allowed?

Dogs are permitted providing they are on a leash at all times, they are picked up after and not left tethered to anything. Dogs are not permitted inside Lagoon A Beach, the fountain or on any rides.

Do You Have Kennels?

Lagoon doesn’t have kennels, but there is one nearby, Brad’s Boarding Kennels, (801) 451-6672.

Can I Put Up a Tent Inside Lagoon?

A guest may put up a tent as long as they don’t pound stakes into the ground or tie it to any Lagoon property (trees, tables, etc.) An EZ-Up would be okay.

How much does Sky Coaster cost?

$15 per person

How much does Catapult cost?

$20 per person, $10 for relaunch

How much does Double Thunder Raceway (the go-carts) cost?

$6.00 per driver and $3.00 per rider.

Can I Wear Flip Flops or Sandals on the Rides?

You can wear flip flops or sandals on all rides.