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Top Rides & Attractions

Cannibal – new for 2015 – lifts riders 208 feet and plunges them into a 116° beyond vertical free-fall into an undergroun…

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Roller Coaster

Over 80 years old, the Lagoon Roller Coaster remains one of the most popular attractions at the Park, and one of only a few woo…

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Tipsey Tea Cups

The Tipsey Tea Cups is “a spin” on the classic Tea Cup ride. The platform rotates while riders may spin their individual cu…

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Riders launch to the top of the 110-foot tower at speeds close to 41 mph by means of a linear synchronous motor (LSM) drive sys…

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Jumping Dragon

The Jumping Dragon consists of a large, ornately decorated, serpent-like figure with 18 carriers imbedded in its undulating bod…

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Colossus: The Fire Dragon

The Fire Dragon was selected by People Magazine in 1984 as one of the top 10 coaster rides in the country! Zooming thr…

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Rattlesnake Rapids

Rattlesnake Rapids is a river raft ride designed to transport guests down 1/3 of a mile of lightning-quick water. Up to nine pe…

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Air Race

Air Race delivers an exciting ride experience combined with an impressive visual impact; it takes riders on an amazing journey …

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Manufactured in 1893 by the Herschell-Spillman Company, Lagoon’s Carousel, or Merry-Go-Round, is one of fewer than 170 in…

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Dinosaur Drop

The Dinosaur Drop and Ladybug Bop each consist of two independent 40-foot vertical fall towers. These family rides will appeal …

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